Yrkes Akademin


From pen and paper to a digital system

In a team of three UX designers we were assigned the task to make a future study for digitising the workflow for the teachers at YrkesAkademin. It was meant to minimise the manual labour in their business of educating bus- and truck drivers. Formerly they worked with a lot of different IT-systems, excel documents and used pen and pepper in their daily routines. They were now interested in digitising everything to decrease the amount of manual labour.

We collected data in meetings with a selected team from YrkesAkademin. We then figured out the different users, iterated a flow chart over the whole system and made a list of functional requirements. The flow charts and their functional requirements were the heart of the project and the part where we put the most of our time and effort. In the end we delivered a report with our findings where we discussed the different problems and solutions. We also included a roadmap of how the project could be implemented and finely estimated a timeframe how much the product would cost to develop.

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Take a closer look at the whole flow chart