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I am currently working as a consultant at HiQ and during my five years of working as a UX-designer I have had the opportunity to gain a lot of different valuable experiences. I have been involved in a variety of projects, with everything from elaborate financial systems to indie online games, allowing me to develop expertise in complex problem-solving and understanding customer needs. I am well-versed in the entire design process and have collaborated effectively in agile teams. I value the use of qualitative data and inclusive workshops to ensure a holistic approach to UX design, and a strong passion for creating designs that prioritize the needs of users. Collaboration and delivering exceptional user-centered experiences are at the core of my work.

My interest in interaction design and UX sparked when I played a key role in launching and developing an e-commerce business. With a drive to offer an equally good experience digitally as in the physical store made me want to explore this further and did so with a bachelor's degree in interaction design from Stockholm University. I am now seeking new opportunities to apply my customer-oriented background and expertise to create impactful user experiences.

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